Caring for our environment is no longer an optional leisure time activity; it is a critical necessity for the very survival of our world. Our core belief at GreenLine is that only if we have ‘greener people’, will we have a ‘greener world’. Hence, as part of our continual endeavour to find creative and enjoyable ways in which everyone can contribute towards environmental care, we are happy to introduce you to ‘Green Lead’ – a volunteering programme for university students and young professionals between 16 to 35 years of age, from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).

We are convinced that young people have the enthusiasm to play a leading role in addressing present environmental issues, as well as the potential to grow into future environmental leaders of our society. What is often missing is the right opportunity to invest this enthusiasm, or the relevant platform to exercise this leadership potential. Green Lead offers youngsters the perfect opportunity and platform by involving them in a variety of relevant on-going environmental issues.

Green Lead offers the participating volunteers the opportunity to get engaged in:

  • Environmental Causes
  • Research Projects
  • Citizens Campaigns


Green Lead also ‘rewards’ the volunteers with:

  • On-field exposure & experience
  • Meeting leading Environmentalists
  • Workshops on Leadership Skills
  • Participating in various events
  • A Volunteer Certificate


While students have the choice of volunteering for single events or short durations, we sincerely encourage a commitment of at least a year. In order to merit a Green Lead Volunteer Certificate, the participants would need to put in 60 hours of voluntary service.

If you are interested in volunteering with us please click on the link above and we will get back to you regarding the various volunteering activities you can get involved with.