The Green Schools Campaign is a programme open to all schools in Mumbai. In 2010 the Campaign took off with 12 participating schools; during the past few academic years that number grew to 55! This Campaign seeks to educate children on their responsibility towards the environment and to offer them the opportunity to actually be involved in ‘greening’ projects. The overall aim of the Campaign is to create the next generation of environmental leaders.

Every edition of the Campaign has a specific theme. The theme for the seventh edition of green Schools Campaign is  Jal Ka Jhol.

The focus of this seventh edition of the Campaign will be on ‘Water’. With much of Maharashtra reeling under a severe drought and our own city of Mumbai facing a serious water shortage, this is certainly an extremely pertinent topic to focus upon.  Through this year long programme:

  • The students will become aware of their personal ‘water footprint’ and that of their family.
  • The students will be introduced to local water sources and water bodies in the city.
  • The students will be helped to understand various issues connected to water, such as packaged water, right to water, etc.
  • The students will be assisted in coming up with innovative solutions to existing water concerns.

All through the year, the GreenLine team will regularly interact with the students, conducting sessions in the school as well as outdoor activities, to achieve the desired outcomes of the Campaign. At the close of the Campaign, the top three performing schools will be awarded with a citation plaque and a cash prize! The most active student from every participating school will also receive a special award called the Green Champ.